First Fresh 48

This is from my very first time shooting a First 48. If you don’t know what that is, it is a photoshoot done within baby’s first 48 hours of being born, typically done in the hospital. I ended up having to bring my two year old and the parents weren’t my actual clients, it was a gift to them from the new grandmother. Everything went pretty well, but wow – was it a learning experience! It made me realize how much I really love capturing those first hours with your little one and how special it is. My own experience is a bit of a blur, thankfully I have pictures to look back on. Capturing those special moments and giving you precious photos of your loved ones is part of what makes being a photographer so worth it. 


It’s important to add photos of your process when putting together a portfolio, but oftentimes I forget to save this part of the process, which is actually my favorite part! Sometimes my favorite sketches don’t get chosen by the client to move forward with and it’s a shame those never see the light of day. Since I have taken such a big break in designing regularly, I think now is a great time to start going through the archives and bringing life back to those unused sketch ideas. It’ll be good practice to get back into the swing of things and to work with the new skills I’ve developed since I originally did the sketches. It would be even more fun to collab with another designer and us to develop each other’s sketches. Anyone down?