Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do you think your portfolio really captures what you can do?

A: Nope! I quit design for a while after becoming a mother and then put all my focus into finishing my degree, which I'm still working on. It's tough to find the time to take on a lot of new projects when I take care of my child all day and attend school full-time on top of that. Luckily, because I am pursuing a degree in design, my skills haven't languished like my portfolio has. 

Q: How many years have you been designing?

A: Off-and-on since 2004. I didn't seriously begin pursuing design as a career until much later, however. Before that it was mostly for extra cash and just as a fun hobby. 

Q: What would you say is your biggest struggle as a designer?

A: Always not thinking I'm good enough. Being out of practice and having nothing but mediocre portfolio pieces due to my absence really makes it tough to realize I do have skill and talent, I just need to flex that muscle again. It's hard putting yourself out there when it's work you know could be better, but that's all you have at the moment.

Q: Why do you only shoot using natural light? 

A: Honestly, because it was easier than learning OCF (off camera flash) first. While I do appreciate the amazing photos you can get using OCF, most of the time I still prefer using natural light anyway, at least for what I am photographing.

Q: How long is the turnaround on a project?

A: It varies, depending on the project and what that entails. I can give more accurate timeframes and quotes once I know what you're looking for. I prefer to learn a little bit about what you want one-on-one, and then I'll send you a questionnaire that will help me to determine what I can do for your particular project. Just reach out and we can get started!

Q: What are your favorite types of design work?

A: I prefer to do brand identity packages, packaging design, posters, patterns, and invitations. Basically, I really like seeing an end-product in my hands. I do have a soft spot for web-only design as well, though I don't do it as often.

Q: Do you do any kind of [insert other design work not featured]?

A: Probably? Shoot me an email through the contact form and let me know exactly what you're looking for. I may have previous experience with it or might be looking to get into it. Only one way to find out!

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